Modest Style Inspiration- Maxi vs. Midi skirt

The maxi vs. the midi; this isn’t even a competition, however, it is simply a reason to post these lovely photos.

I usually opt for a maxi on casual settings and a midi on more professional settings.  It really depends on the skirt tho.

Enjoy !



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Men’s fashion Inspiration

To the men who actually mindfully plan their outfit ensemble.

It has become such a rarity where I am from, for men to dress in a way that stands out and shows a bit of personality. When you do encounter a gentleman who obviously took his time getting out of the house, you can’t help but stop and admire as he passes by.

So ladies and gentlemen, here are some men of the internet whose style i admire:



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Modest Style Inspiration- Style Bubble

Susie Lau  Click Here for her blogspot

Susie Lau is a blogger and fashion journalist whose Confident street style is colorful and uniquely layered in a way that always works. She challenges some fashion rules and has us wondering why we abide by them in the first place.

I think we can learn so much from her creative layering and mixing of prints and fabrics. Here are just a few images to inspire us to take a chance in fashion and dressing modestly doesn’t mean that we are limited.



SBSB1SB2Susie Bubble at Jason Wu SS2015SB4SB5SB6SB7SB8SB9SB10SB11SB12

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